Grant Boshoff
Driver #88 ITA Integra
A South African native, Grant dreamed of racing since boyhood but girls, BMX and surfing always seemed to get in the way. He got his start in 2005 driving Rally Cross in a $200 85 Honda Prelude "side of the road special" which was caged and flogged hard until it quit; Then upgrading to a full stage rally prepped 91 Audi Quattro S2 coupe. After the SCCA canceled the rally program in 2005 he set his sights on road course racing. He began his SCCA club racing career in 2006 with a false start due to an unrelaible car but finally got cracking in the 2010 season. While loving the road courses his heart still remains in the gravel. One of his major aspirations this lifetime is to complete the 3000+ mile Paris to Dakar Rally.

Doug King
Driver #89 ITA Integra (ex-Crew Chief)
Doug has been racing most anything with four wheels since he was a young 'un. From sand rails, to circle track stock cars, to vintage racers, to figure-8 school buses. Yes, you did read that right: figure 8 school buses...youch! A talented mechanic, he puts his heart and soul - and often bloody knuckles - into the machinery whenever he's not in the driver's seat.

Matt Webb
Driver #83 ITA GTi
A California native, Matt is a self made man who runs a successful business during the day and hangs out at the man-cave when he's not spending time with his wife and son. With a Subaru STi as his daily driver, Matt is no stranger to speed. First getting involved with the team during our Rally Cross days he helped crew and spectate for a while...until the bug bit him fully. Gearing up with a very well built Golf GTi and getting his competition license under his belt late in the season he plans to get in a full race calendar in the 2011 season.

Steve Bibeau
Driver #13 ITA Neon
Steve took over the Neon in 2010, re-prepped it to fit his designs, and completed all of his race requirements in early 2001. He should complete the remainder of the 2011 season. We look forward to seeing the Neon back in action again with Steve at the wheel!

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11.27.11 - Team dominates at Turkey Trot.
The #88 and #89 ITA Integras driven by Grant & Doug take 1st and 2nd place in ITA at the 2011 Turkey Trot on Sebring Long Course.

10.23.11 - Two STL Wins at Sebring.
Grant takes two STL wins and an ITA 3rd place on the Sebring Short Course in the #88 Integra.

07.08.11 - Grant third in SARRC points standings.
The #88 ITA Integra driven by Grant is currently running third in the South Atlantic Road Race Championship points standings for the year.

10.16.10 - Sebring SARRC Win!
Grant takes 1st place in the season opener 2011 SARRC race in the #05 Integra. See the video.

10.08.10 - SIC Roebling Road
Grant drives the new #05 ITA Integra in the 2010 SARRC Invitational Challenge.

09.21.10 - ITA Integra Purchased
We have acquired an extremely well developed 90 Acura Integra ITA car for Grant to drive for the 2011 season.

09.05.10 - Sebring ECR/Regional
We ran both the #81 and #34 Neons in this action packed weekend on the long course. See the video for full details.

08.08.10 - Sebring Double SARRC
Grant ran #81 on the short course placing 8th both days :(

07.18.10 - Sebring DS
All three cars ran a practice weekend on the Sebring short course. See video here.

06.12.10 - Homestead Enduro
Grant & Doug ran the Saturday ECR Enduro at Homestead Raceway and placed 3rd in class!!

05.02.10 - Daytona Enduro
Grant & Doug ran the CFR Enduro at Daytona International Speedway and placed 7th in class despite tire problems.

03.28.10 - PBIR Double SARRC
Grant drove both SARRC races at Palm Beach International Raceway. Continually improving, he finished 10th in class on Saturday and 6th on Sunday.

02.21.10 - Sebring Long Course
Grant's first official SCCA race was at the Sebring International Speedway. The long course was a challenge but it was a good weekend and valuable seat time.

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