SCCA Club Racing - ITA Class

#88 ITA Acura Integra. This is a very well developed car with a strong pedigree (2nd Place at the 2009 ARRC and five seasons worth of podium finishes). Currently running third in the SARRC points standings for the 2011 season. Affectionately know to us as "Thing One". Driver: Grant Boshoff

SCCA Club Racing - ITA Class

#89 ITA Acura Integra. This car lovingly came to us from Paul Ronie, who has campaigned it to uncountable wins over the last five seasons (good luck with The Goose, Paul). Affectionately know as "Thing Two". Driver: Doug King

SCCA Club Racing - ITA Class

#13 ITA Dodge Neon. This is the reincarnation of "Little Blue", now renamed "Little Green". Sold to new driver and teammate in 2010 and about to make her first re-appearance at Daytona in August 2011. Driver: Steve Bibeau

SCCA Club Racing - ITA Class

#83 ITA VW Golf GTi fully prepped with new engine rebuild & ready to run. Driver: Matt Webb

SCCA Club Racing - SM/ITA Class [RETIRED]

#60 ITA/Spec Miata

#60 SM/ITA Mazda Miata. Affectionately know as "The Goose", this car came to us from South Florida with a fairly fresh Rossini motor and very nicely done cage. Driven by Doug, this car was retired in April 2011 and replaced with the #89 Integra.

SCCA Club Racing - ITA Class [RETIRED]

#34 ITA Dodge Neon prepped, logbooked, and ready for the remainder of the 2010 season. Driver: Doug King

SCCA Club Racing - ITA Class [RETIRED for the moment...will return 2011]

#81 ITA Dodge Neon. "Little Blue" as we fondly call her. An amazing machine. She just runs and runs and runs. Never complains, never requires major repairs. It's hard not to love a car like this!

Since purchase we performed the following upgrades: added Koni yellows with Ground Control coilovers, camber/caster plates, & Eibach springs at 700lbs rear and 600lbs front; Custom mounted & wired a cool suit mount and switched quick disconnect wiring; Roof mount antenna.

SCCA Club Racing - E Production Class [RETIRED]

"Our #31 Mazda RX-7 club racing car is a thoroughbred race car. Born in the early 1980's she has never been on the street...ever! Prepped for racing right after production she headed for the track and has stayed there ever since.

I have raced her only once so far and the handling is great. She corners very well and does not, surprisingly, have a propensity for oversteer. Braking is better than any car I have driven to date, allowing me to go deep into the braking zone before stomping the pedal.

A peppy car with the potential for a lot more power (after we tweak & tune on her a little more)."

Grant B.

SCCA Club Rally - 4WD Modified Class [RETIRED]

"Parting with our 1990 Audi Quattro S2 was a sad day indeed. I miss her every time I look at the media gallery page, remembering fondly those 400 Horses of all-wheel drive fury under me.

One day, when the rally program in the US gets back to what it should be, we might prep my '03 Mitsubushi Evo 8 and get back in the dirt & gravel again."

Grant B.

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11.27.11 - Team dominates at Turkey Trot.
The #88 and #89 ITA Integras driven by Grant & Doug take 1st and 2nd place in ITA at the 2011 Turkey Trot on Sebring Long Course.

10.23.11 - Two STL Wins at Sebring.
Grant takes two STL wins and an ITA 3rd place on the Sebring Short Course in the #88 Integra.

07.08.11 - Grant third in SARRC points standings.
The #88 ITA Integra driven by Grant is currently running third in the South Atlantic Road Race Championship points standings for the year.

10.16.10 - Sebring SARRC Win!
Grant takes 1st place in the season opener 2011 SARRC race in the #05 Integra. See the video.

10.08.10 - SIC Roebling Road
Grant drives the new #05 ITA Integra in the 2010 SARRC Invitational Challenge.

09.21.10 - ITA Integra Purchased
We have acquired an extremely well developed 90 Acura Integra ITA car for Grant to drive for the 2011 season.

09.05.10 - Sebring ECR/Regional
We ran both the #81 and #34 Neons in this action packed weekend on the long course. See the video for full details.

08.08.10 - Sebring Double SARRC
Grant ran #81 on the short course placing 8th both days :(

07.18.10 - Sebring DS
All three cars ran a practice weekend on the Sebring short course. See video here.

06.12.10 - Homestead Enduro
Grant & Doug ran the Saturday ECR Enduro at Homestead Raceway and placed 3rd in class!!

05.02.10 - Daytona Enduro
Grant & Doug ran the CFR Enduro at Daytona International Speedway and placed 7th in class despite tire problems.

03.28.10 - PBIR Double SARRC
Grant drove both SARRC races at Palm Beach International Raceway. Continually improving, he finished 10th in class on Saturday and 6th on Sunday.

02.21.10 - Sebring Long Course
Grant's first official SCCA race was at the Sebring International Speedway. The long course was a challenge but it was a good weekend and valuable seat time.

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